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Fitness Programs

Welcome to the virtual home of the McMaster Pulse Fitness Classes!

Please read our Fitness Class Disclaimer before you participate.

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The Pulse is McMaster University’s fitness centre and we have just what you need to lead a healthy, and active lifestyle. Our certified staff members have the skills and enthusiasm to put you on the road to a healthier you, no matter what your current fitness level, what your individual interests are, what your personal goals are, or your limited availability. We offer numerous educational workshops and fitness programs that guarantee Fun, Friendship and Fitness!

The David Braley Athletic Centre and Pulse are currently closed as a precautionary measure against COVID-19, with all in-person programs cancelled until further notice. All of our in-person fitness and cycling classes have been temporarily suspended due to the ongoing pandemic.

For updates regarding the COVID-19 response at McMaster University, please visit

*** Please check our Twitter and Instagram pages for Fitness Class updates on any cancellations! ***

Virtual Fitness Schedule – May 2021

Fitness Class Descriptions


A strong core is the foundation for fitness! This short, but intense class will use every minute to target your abdominal muscles and lower back. Let us help you build your foundation today!

Cross Training

A mix of functional training exercises and formats to improve your cardio, strengthen your muscles, and feel strong and confident.


Dance Movement

This class is designed for beginner and intermediate level students, and will combine elements of lyrical, jazz, and modern dance. Each week, students will learn a new routine and dance.

Functional Training

A workout that replicates movement you do in everyday life – making you stronger for all life brings your way. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.



This class will exceed your fitness expectations! Utilizing the popular (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training principles will test both your cardiovascular and muscular strength. Adaptations available for all fitness levels.


Mindfulness Meditation

Take a pause in your day to reduce stress, improve well-being, and cultivate resilience. Learn a different practice each week on a variety of themes, such as relaxation, awareness, mind-body connection, compassion, and discovering your inner wisdom.


Get strong and fit fast. High reps coupled with light weights or body weight exercises will build muscular endurance and strength for participants at all fitness levels.


Lengthen your muscles and work out your stiff spots. A good stretch helps us recover and get strong.

Stretch, Breathe & Flow

This yoga inspired class incorporates flexibility and strength work coupled with relaxation and mindfulness.


Our yoga classes consists of stretching postures in all directions, including the more active standing positions. This thorough workout will emphasize breathing control through pranayama breath work, and will leave you with a more flexible and inviting spirit.


Yoga Power Flow

Warm up with sun salutations and continue to flow with basic postures and more challenging options offered, then wind down and reset with stress-reducing seated and laying postures.

Yoga Stretch 'n' Relax

Take some time for yourself to relax and relieve stress in this beginner yoga that focuses on calming, soothing stretches.



“Ditch the workout, join the party!” Zumba offers a high energy atmosphere with upbeat music and basic dance steps that anyone can follow. You will learn how to move your hips in every direction, laugh while doing so and work up a great sweat!